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citizens of gaza and celebrate the date of the first president. in the future. the president's
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education program most sheltered place transportation and logistics hub. what part of the current plans as a transit country between moscow and brussels what book it makes me pee what security in the middle east. what how iraq in the contact group agreed upon you. the couple city's development. how will cost an arm looked like in the future what did you know which end to the family tree and read about it. let cool discuss the major events of the off week the little known figure and in the middle. just need today to help analyze the most important local and international news development. the full compels the to do. this fossil is the date of the first temple december thirst bit about some of the institute of the president of the stump was cited with the collapse of the soviet union. in december of nineteen ninety one as the wall which in
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amazement. the soviet union disintegrated in the fifteen separate countries. on the twenty four nineteen ninety a year before the solution if obama by four appointed as a present of kazakhstan. to the mall of all the events of that unit mr was telling that story that is the first president was included in the midst of context and holidays two years ago. six senators decided thahat it was necessary as the recognition of his open the device outstanding service to conduct the corresponding mall was adopted in december two thousand and eleven. december first was chosen for a reason the first nationwide presidential elections were held on december first nineteen ninety one president are soft enough to buy it when the election is over ninety percent of both the voter turnout was almost ninety percent. in the first years of the young state he was important to joint efforts to soften the economic and social problems. during this challenging years as often as a buyer always spoke of the need to go to a strong and confident woman capable of adopting effect the loss
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of the country needed new political transformations as the economy grew. the two thousand and seven the president proposed in march the consumption can expand the authority of the fall of the constitutional reform was scared out of the initiative of the soul cannot survive the lead for the system was changed to parliament received extra leverage on the government and the political parties and non governmental sector started playing with her walls in defining the policies and finding the solution. in fact some of the presidential powers were given to the prom today we have a bye camaro parliament which present three political parties includes representatives of cars expense people's assembly. the judicial system of the country is also being improved. it extends courts have become more dependent this even receive a better position in the global competitiveness ranking. thus being the basis of a unified in stable second power to institute a presidency in context and features independent in efficient functioning of the legislative i considered and judicial branches of power. is very important
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the president of your country is so much attention to enhancing the role of the parliament. i know exactly that this openness of i played the main role in the establishment of the country parliamentary system. the multi party system can cause extensive parliament is a reflection of the democratic changes in the country introduced by the president asked. a total doll proposal to leviathan to find the keys to an official settled on an initial group of people. what are your thing in the major achievements of the scum lead to sustainable development on that than with new people most songs are buying. says the time when we acquired or independence. it is a nineteen ninety one one twentieth of august. and. sustained no sustainable development of common stock i mean the corner north coast and would only be caught me by different ski is all bull. of the life of
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society. and those marriages and those decisions which have been taken during these years. the ripley's believe that with the name of the best present of kazakhstan so the venue with some of them. just add that the old independence. most of the mother buyer. chopped doll in the senate elections eucalyptus trees. this is absolutely the heroics that it is to apply his care and eucalyptus his side was on top. low water mark what would have been shot. he knew why that as his side would not have been shot and all the other pesticides in the world would not have been to. and this is her real killer who still have to. and then when the old economy the collapsed. all the family ties have been cut down. cut off. the prison. made in
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the decision. he interviews the cause of currency. our role in class. and it was also it through step by step and all the other major reforms. in the field of education in the field though it kills them. in the field of economic development everything every step every major decision is a link to his neck. this is absolutely absolute truth. that's why the whole world has recognized the role of the fist raised in a contest on. on. the if we talk on the same weekend so for all us. what made him miss a minute decisions made achievements of commerce on tuesday ripley the day i on the line and closely related to the lesson of the best the soul and told viewers
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that the policy compliance as i come to with a mechanical man of affairs in this conference. absolutely and. the it wasn't an easy task for the mall the old economy says economic system was absolutely quite different. and in those days for trouble. none of us knew what his mark at the corner see we have no we have no idea. alex has no experience it all. and now absolutely different picture. the if obama or biden told the meeting we will look at kroger on its last friday. it has been plenty era seems that booklet educational program was first launched over these years of the openness of bright young people have received degrees from some older told the nurse to several. most of them haven't gone back because it's on and on line based tools and knowledge in the field before. they will certainly make me contribution in bringing the count equals the toe in finger will still go to developed countries ten thousand cars extend citizens
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were executed in the world's top universities than twenty years bullish approach has been in existence. most of the market national companies government agencies international organizations and private companies the president is open as a wise speech open up the phone the president reminded that the program was launched in hard times would cause extent be a shortage of professionals who deal with economic and political problems the president made a launching the international education program the president called for joint efforts in those industries which need to be developing cars extent such a space medicine and agriculture. as extends export should mostly consists of agricultural products the president underlined that the twenty first century's a pair of high speed transport. the best laboratories in the world work on this post our graduates are the real locomotive of the educational system. there are many young scientists teachers the managers in the country most are graduates also became some sort of concert ambassadors for the rest of the world. they promote kazakhstan has a cold turkey and traditions. everywhere
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they go. the more sober than ever to touch on the cover this customer was already know. we need professionals and international level to go through the transition period to market economy. early in the spirit. we have only one choice which is to shift to private property and to attract more investments we'll just go. hundreds of foreign investors are coming to cause extend to do business. we didn't have professionals to speak the language in to work with him at that time. but now when i look back i think that i made the correct decision twenty years ago austin called to assist them results of this program more shock. there is also of the presidential own. scores are bullish. most rev means future. and the of this program has been launched was launched in mind the night before. up to three
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years of the contest on a quiet since independence that's. the go back to the second period. the co owner of that corn meal comes from one very weak. we the financial situation was also very effective. and is part of the pack. that's very difficult moment. the prison made it great to see him again. and because we were going to march into the market to corner me. but we didn't have one or sauces or that going. and the end of the back of the time the president made that made this decision and eight he launched his program. what a roller. and first column to the cause of the us. i went abroad to get education to get to learn these market economies the system in the different areas of the world. the rise
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the states of america united kingdom i'm in the great britain and also all all the western u within countries. also china also in japan. also money share the lead single and very many other countries. and the results. i very well known. no the justin at the meeting with the ball a stroke. school was called us on the twenty ninth all of this month. the prison. matt was the one thousand and five hundred the year. for stockists. this was an absolutely great meeting the heaviest in the city wants this to a meeting so many young people. so many young people. all of them on with any trial. although heavy. having. the book. this education abroad and their
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food their work you know the difference. he is of the core male co star in the dominant bought these in the international companies and elsewhere. and since then the boat and took the ball but more than tens of thousands. some students with education abroad and did many of them now free to enter and dwell in the difference. he is lost on the core means the economic spheres. and yesterday i paid attention to this fact the minister education and science over great britain attended this meeting. and he said. he's very prompt the ball falls on all of them wood education in the united kingdom this is something absolutely a very insistent that the minister biggest biggest cheer. and because it's the uk says a leading company in education especially in the higher education system. i am from
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higher education myself and by unnoticed. pros the stairwell and the tallest reduce the chosen most or the united kingdom. plus the ride this this and other countries also but yes it did of those gatherings expressed the their pride then it probably didn't throw that they have returned and there with him for the benefit of all comfort and. presents they gave them a bit of wood to smile and say you do. it was amongst the class to class and the present the route to his strategy. kazakhstan two thousand fifty. and that these new generation of specialists. all of them have c'mon go to english. and the present. it affected the staff and when there was no time when one hundred and
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no one thousand and five hundred people speaking english. without that said listen to this speech all the news story the fiction than science or to read. on the prison was also pro. and that i think the key is if he made the right decision at that very difficult moment in nineteen twenty nine to fall. and now. i would say the madrid was all bullish program are the driving force all of the human resources qantas. and that they will tend to continue their knowledge into the development of. the it's possible that the state program on infrastructure development to think you thinking. the program envisage integration of the next bounce toppled into fashion with a wall facing the world. the program was developed with the helpful told by experts the government agencies have reviewed and approved the program. the program includes an action plan
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hundred and thirty thousand kilometers of roads in more than eight thousand kilometers of railway lines as the reconstruction of railway stations the program also includes steps for the bowman of the roads network roadside service and passenger transportation infrastructure. if the program is fully implemented into one and six the roadside service facilities will be filled by two thousand twenty nine large bus stations and forty by smaller one for the top forty five. the program also sought to increase the number of regular bus routes three hundred additional routes will be launched by two thousand one. although bus stations will comply with national standards. six out of fifty new locomotives and twenty thousand cargo train carriages will be purchased eleven airports will be we debated seventy five new international erupts with the open. the prime minister said that he has instructed the ministry of transport and communications and causes the master will reap company to set up a company that will manage the work of the airports to provide strict control over the implementation of major roads and where we projects such as western europe
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western china momentum into the new commandment and it's best to make government that the ict studied in school the main task does not that the program is to construct improve transportation infrastructures and logistical network cannot exist without modern railways without the proper maintenance and operation without construction and without reconstruction major report was the main goals and objectives on transportation infrastructures development will be achieved if the program is duly implemented. one poignant and is a scene in istanbul. it has all the best in his business with iran promiscuous it also reminded us of the disease at the hospital. it's kind of a system of us. tools for the program aims at supporting private businesses engaging in developing transport and logistics centers. construction of three dry cargo terminals in the seaport in bus stations private business will receive a greater in peta's for growth and development the government will facilitate this process and provide necessary support
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systems such as sadistic as well. let's talk a socialist one. kazakhstan as though one of the biggest mineral content and to discuss the problem seems that both the drill on what is the opinion of successful the program will be. i think the program that the government the middle. i would say that will be a lot of good achievements and with results. is this connection i would like to refer to the united states experienced when president eisenhower you know the sticky keys to his major project was to be on the roads. alright the united states. why is it that the united states several times and up and the weakness of his achievements. and that if the roads are well paid. it is simple the effect that cold in common. it will affect not only the quantity
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of the state but it will affect the quality of its single family also. the roads will pin. every citizen will suffer from. and the most of his earnings will grow to repair discuss the state and the this is direct effect and now our government has adopted this program. and i think it will bring good results. besides that. some as you have said is then locked country. this test is on the savant. but this is a bond that can be turned to the bone what i am saying so because no western europe. on the way to east and east and china. highways and railways are being constructed. and it really is this true it is completed. it will be the topeka for someone to
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test what does it resemble couple from china is in china to europe. it will take a leak and it's quiet at times they didn't ruin it takes fourteen days. if you want to use as maritime route he takes more than twenty five dates. that means. when the zipper on the western europe and the east and china road is completed. all eternity will become a transit character and conduct of the sun's connie will gain from that. this is effective at this this this long distance will become of this divine things but of the total cost. it will bring the look of it and use the decline of christ. and besides that the you have just in. the morning all the airports will be renovated. all the rooms will be well paid and sinker. all the railroad stations and
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the site services movie. it's in action. had a lot of new and new drugs will be created and it was the movie the loss to duke on neo cons will put up some of beastly its independence quinn was in the center will attend luckily keith foregone called association and free trade deal with the eu. this has to unrest and led to demonstrations of the ukrainian government has decided who they want the state and the ties with europe or russia. moscow seems most likely choice however many ukrainians them openly with big almonds and the seasons ukraine was expected to sign an association agreement with the eu summit in the news last friday the reason for signing the agreement lasted the crazy integration with the dup that the company due to political change. after
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the fall behind her. it is not a surprise that moscow is reluctant to accept such changes. ukraine has a key part of russia. russia has no chance of becoming a strategic partner to ukraine moreover there are historical claims mother russia was part of medieval england. last week the ukrainian government all the operations for signing the agreement with the tube and resume talks with russia on economic cooperation and has requested the bilateral issues with russia eu ukraine eskimos brussels with his boss the thirty first of may the european union has built his presence i eat way more so she should get free trade agreement. earlier today the situation has led to the cause of the relations between eu and russia despite the decision of ukrainian president viktor uniform which includes plans to sign victory in week one deal. eu leaders have been trying to persuade him to change his mind. if ukraine announced the agreement within you will be a but perhaps a temporary defeat of his plans for an extended european poets east will bear
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most of the losses since the state has made every effort to draw you closer to the central and eastern europe but has expected to gain economic benefits from having the pre designed to treat you with you. well i think those dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities continue to protest. that is to work in schools. bush also to record stories. principal. some members of the european union were aimed at separating us from russia by pulling us closer to you. so the wee break ties with moscow. they will see if ukraine becomes an eu member or not. we'll see. he also upset with the position of the russian federation which was aimed at not allowing ukraine to get closer towards the european union. or will she get bored of sitting pool. with the states. the issue seriously. it is contagious the according to the last to come on pupils from crane be stomping bosnich all significant capacity for
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independent development of lucy recent events in the treetops. this arrived the situation in ukraine is very very complicated this is a religion that is the attitude of the european union. on one hand and the defense did you all brush up on the other. if you look back into the history ukraine was toppled. paul moss soviet union and the ticket and connie although ukraine was closely related to think on the all of the old soviet union. and the toe of the soviet union collapsed. economic ties still exist. and the ukraine he used to be and is not with a great article on call roster. on the other hand the new korean trades with your. and. the there is another dilemma. listen up of
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ukraine especially the us he's with me the two joined the european zone. and since we bought the old ukraine is more related to watch. and that there is a villain. whom to choose. russia all. your for the time being everything is dictated by the economy and economic situation is worsening. from that today. all the people we don't resemble the energy supply is you usually came from. usually came from russia. and the tasty bits and. this year. this is beyond the core me all you create. and for the time being the ukraine to compose of course it does there are internal affair. we should say. who's right who's wrong that and decide for
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themselves. a slate of all words and a drunk have reached an historic nuclear deal during the five days of intense negotiations in geneva. barrack obama said the agreement that those bought in august that opening late fall over negotiations on the full range of issues that surround the international community iran agreed to freeze the installation of you listen to folks all iranian enrichment. if access to international inspectors who is the purpose of this and freeze construction of a new one or a. in the taunton on louise's seventy nine dollars for relief from economic sanctions. he got the keys a few hundred feet to the program with six world powers to douglass figuring in which the levels needed for the use of power stations which is only five percent of the total amount in return the us and european countries to these international sanctions against the uae president wolf. the other one
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got the nod will still be waiting for civil purposes he regularly come in i supported it heals well washington made a statement that the deal helps to see the middle east some more securely to richmond got to the prime minister of israel has noted that the pupils of the world. john kerry said that the us is to have a common goal. good deal the first step to stop the dogs he hoped negotiations progressed after the moderate middle son caden was elected as president the first round of negotiations held in geneva on nov seven through the night did not bring any results. the ministry's fourth when affairs of the united nations security council member countries agreed to get it on the right for peaceful out. cover the iranian nuclear program will be taken for control in exchange of peace and international sanctions against cuba. experts say that the next step is to convince israel and saudi revealed that the new deal will help to put the iranian program under strict national control. this he was eliminated. the un has to prove its case with good intentions within the next six months. the final document will decide his roots the first side in a
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decade we halted the progress on iran's nuclear program key parts of the program will be rolled back the access to iraq's nuclear related assaults. this will help. iran from building a nuclear weapon. over the coming months were to continue our diplomacy. with the goal of achieving a comprehensive solution that deals with the threat of iran's nuclear program once and for all. if you as a professional become want or you can comment on that because it's really a very promising progress in the last decade. i would say no this is a great big train was only for the year round but it has also become the pre oppose. the five members of the security protocol small un. i'm in the major members of the un security council conference
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and no. this achievement has been. donald whitney and the unit during the iran will have. will be released the big evening. chance to restore it to court. because now that cornelia run almost the has collapsed because of the economic embargo and economic sanctions. and now the unit into this decision the un will get. the relief down the list item is this trust is given to run to restore its decor. and on the other hand iran agreed in march to reach. you're in you beyond five percent. but the scent in the richmond is quite enough to resemble to use this to you in him sousa to make their own stations and if your mp says. this
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pipe is done the studious type who might be. the myth that. that's why i think this is a great victory. and it is also related to the peace in that region. and this is a trial. it will be. it is brown's attitude will change also change and the united states had incurable change wilco is unix is all the major countries of europe i will change. they would change their attitude to iraq now for a free trade pacts will be restored. on the hero on the other hand is that it has the capacity or guests off to iowa city. the past on the multi around will have the right to sell its gas and oil in the pre market and generate a lot of reading news and it is still sick on that's the main victory over
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the ok let's bomb will become a beautiful greens mop and comfortable place to leave. the president to do that i'll come again. bombers coach and design institute last week. okayy while the trio to everest in the development of a spot on i am. a dog. it was dark evil to give a thing

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